Melanie Bagley
Life's a song! Sing it!

Bust Through That Line

Words and Music © 2017 Melanie Bagley

Photo courtesy of Glenda Wilson

This song was written to celebrate Linda on her 75th birthday.  A much-loved mother, grandmother, wife, sister, aunt, friend and member of the Hope Afloat dragon boat team. Linda was a special lady with a lifetime full of worldly travels and adventures.  The final verse of this song was written the morning after Linda 'paddled to her final resting place'.  What a privilege to have spent time with Linda!

Here Comes The Sandman

Music by Harry Warren; Lyrics by Al Dubin

Vocals by Melanie Bagley

Here Comes The Sandman was a song my Nana used to sing to me as she tucked me into bed. I sang it to my own kids including my niece and nephew.  When Adelaide was born, Elizabeth requested a recorded version of it for her lovely baby Adelaide (seen sleeping peacefully here - photo courtesy of Elizabeth and Jason LeMoine).  I never knew where the song came from - searching online, it seems the original version was written by Harry Warren and Al Dubin in 1937 for the Mervyn LeRoy-Warner Bros. production Mr. Dodd takes the Air.  Sleep tight!


Life Turns On A Dime

Words and Music © 2016 Melanie Bagley

Photos by Hope Afloat team members

Life Turns On A Dime was written for Hope Afloat Canada dragon boat team to celebrate 14 years of happy paddling!  Wow what a great team!


When Your Soul Whispers

Words and music © 2016 Melanie Bagley

Welcome to the world baby Adelaide!

Congratulations Elizabeth and Jason on the birth of your daughter Adelaide!  You’re going to be wonderful parents!

Adelaide, this song was written to welcome you into the world and is based on your mother’s wish for your life – that you discover what’s important to you and follow your passions.


Thank you Fergus for your energy, expertise and patience in setting me up with the technology to record this song.

Thank you to the photographers for so freely and generously allowing your photographs to be used.


Here it is as an audio and as a video.  Enjoy!


Heather Egan Tutoring Jingle

Words and Music © 2016 Melanie Bagley 

Vocals by Jenn Forsland and Melanie Bagley

Produced by Fergus Bagley

Thank you Heather for believing in me and encouraging me to write this jingle. Thank you Fergus for your wonderful patience and skill as a producer.  And last, but certainly not least, thank you Jenn for having ‘Record a Jingle’ on your bucket list and choosing to add your beautiful voice and amazing musicality to this jingle.